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National Wildlife July 2013
Wildlife Feels the Heat
A changing climate is raising temperatures and prolonging droughts,
making survival more difficult for North American wildlife.

National Wildlife Nov 2012
Mercury's Harmful Effects
This dangerous pollutant emitted from coal plants is accumulating
in more habitats and wildlife than previously thought

National Wildlife Sep 15, 2010
America's Tropical Treasures
_U.S. marine national monuments in the Pacific comprise some of the planet’s healthiest ecosystems,
yet even in these remote locations, refuge managers struggle to erase the human imprint.

National Wildlife May 14, 2010
The Dirty Truth Behind Clean Natural Gas
_Impacts on the wildlife, air, water, people and scenic value of
western public lands expose a dark secret about energy development.

Defenders Magazine Fall 2009
To Catch an Oystercatcher
Scientists try to get a grip on one of America’s least-abundant and most colorful shorebirds.

Humboldt Magazine - Humboldt State University Fall 2009
Tallest Trees Unveiled
_The Wild Trees made Steve Sillett a legend among tall-tree climbers. Now, as National Geographic
magazine features his work in a cover story and documentary, Humboldt State’s skywalking
professor launches a groundbreaking study into the effects of climate change on redwoods.

National Wildlife Apr/May 2009
Empty Skies
_Insect-eating birds that feed on the wing--from nighthawks and nightjars to kingbirds
and pewees--are vanishing from parts of North America, and scientists don't know why.

Defenders of Wildlife Fall 2008
Swimming Upstream
_Without our help, salmon runs in the Northwest may be history.

Popular Mechanics Aug 28, 2008
Beyond Google's Geothermal Investment
.As interest in geothermal energy heats up, 5 next-gen projects take shape.

Newsweek Aug 2, 2008
Get Ready to Itch and Sneeze
.A warmer planet could mean we'll suffer more (and stronger) allergies.

National Wildlife Aug/Sep 2008
Hidden Treasures of the Wild West
.Conservationists are seeking to safeguard 26 million acres
of little known federal lands ideal for watching wildlife.

National Wildlife June/July 2008
Counting Sheep
.Conservation efforts seem to be paying off for bighorns in the West, where the
animals face a range of threats from disease to habitat loss to global warming.

Newsweek May 12, 2008
Empty-Net Syndrome
.A disastrous crash in Pacific salmon closes the season. Fishermen wonder: will they come back?

Popular Mechanics Feb 2008
How Cheap LEDs Could Efficiently Power Africa and Beyond
....The researcher with California's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has come to
witness the effects of inadequate lighting in Africa -- where only 25 percent of inhabitants
have electricity and most rely on crude kerosene lamps made of welded-together soup cans

Popular Mechanics December 2007
Wildlife CSI: Inside the Case of the Poisoned Meatballs
.In the Idaho wilderness, wolves nearly fall victim to a homicide, prompting the world's top
crime lab for protected species to swing into action—and the apparent killer to tell us his story.
You definitely won't see this on TV.

National Wildlife June/July 2007
Pure Poison

.A controversial plan to kill thousands of black-tailed prairie dogs in South Dako0ta
also threatens the future of one of America's most endangered mammals.

Defenders of Wildlife Spring 2007
Bighorns on the Edge
.Bighorn sheep may be symbols of ruggedness for pickup-truck advertisers, but they've proved
less than 'ram tough' when it comes to surmounting the many challenges imposed by people.

National Wildlife Feb/Mar 2007
Sexy Beasts
.Efforts to protect wolves are often undermined by misinformation and myth;
biologist Doug Smith is getting out the truth.

Defenders of Wildlife Fall 2006
Wildlife C.S.I.
.Scores of imperiled animals are killed illegally every year in America.
Scott Bragonier and his collegues aim to bring the killers to justice.

National Wildlife Oct/Nov 2006
Showdown in the Great Divide
.The Bush administration's rush to drill for natural gas on public lands in Wyoming
without proper safeguards is jeopardizing a world-class hawk and eagle nesting area.

Defenders of Wildlife Winter 2006
Sympathy for the Devil Bear
.Wolverines aren't evil, just feisty and overlooked

Newsweek Jan 16, 2006
Out of the Woods
....less to do with the bear population than with the desire to resume drilling for oil...

Newsweek Dec 5, 2005
Wildlife: Murder Rate
.There's a spate of deliberate killings of federally protected species.

National Wildlife Dec/Jan 2006
No Room at the Top

.Unlike many wildlife species that are shifting their ranges north or to higher altitudes
in response to changing climate, pikas and other alpine animals have nowhere else to go.

Wilderness Magazine
A Political Turn In The Rockies?
.Voters are starting to pay more attention to environmental issues.

Defenders of Wildlife Summer 2005
Toughing It Out in the Badlands
.Black-footed ferrets battle for survival in the nation's heartland.

National Wildlife Aug/Sep 2005
Mercury Rising

.New research reveals the poison is more deadly to wildlife than previously thought.

Newsweek June 6, 2005
Running On Veggies
The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem insignificant today...

National Wildlife June/July 2005
National Treasure

.While efforts to bank native plant seeds are expanding, habitat loss
and global warming are threatening thousands of flowering species.

Newsweek May 16, 2005
Wolves: Groupies Gone Wild
.Like sports fans, groupies can recite the stats, ages and histories of favorite wolves.

National Wildlife Apr/May 2005
It's the Emissions, Stupid

.Sure, global warming is a challenge, but solutions are staring us right in the face.

Defenders of Wildlife Winter 2004
Return of the Missing Lynx
.A formerly banished cat reclaims its birthright in Colorado.

National Wildlife Oct/Nov 2004
The Bountiful Boreal
.Few places on the planet are as crucial to wildlife as North
America's boreal forest, where up to 3 billion birds breed every year

Audubon Aug 2004
Made In The Shade

.Every day Americans drink 300 million cups
of coffee. Few of them realize their morning ritual could be
contributing to the demise of the birds in their own backyards.

National Wildlife Dec/Jan 2004
They Fought for Their Tribe and Won
....when a corporate hog producer announced plans...

National Wildlife Oct/Nov 2003
Gray Ghosts of the Cloud Forest
.A battle to save a rare island bird in the South Pacific.

National Wildlife Jun/July 2003
Looking for the Lost River Otters of the Southwest
.No one has seen a Southwestern river otter in the wild for
more than three decades, but Paul Polechla refuses to give up

National Wildlife Jun/July 2002
Island Of Nickel
.Bruno Van Peteghem is an activist forged by fire.

Fair.org May/June 2002
The Washington Times' Hair-Raising Tall Tale

.Lynx fur "hoax" story shows the power of right-wing media.

Salon.com Nov 2001
Terrorizing the environmental movement

.Is he using Sept. 11 to crack down on groups he disagrees with?

Colorado Central Magazine Aug 2001
Weirdness Prevents Sprawl
.Be strange, and the gentrifiers will stay away.

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