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Science & Technology

National Wildlife Federation/ClimateEdu Apr 14, 2009
Get Smart with a New Grid
This intelligent grid would use information technologies and advanced hardware to improve the efficiency
and reliability of electricity production and delivery, while maximizing renewable energy generation.

Ski Magazine Mar/Apr 2009
Off the Grid: Renewable Energy
As resorts invest in renewable energy, the biggest hurdle—ironically—could be environmental approval.

National Wildlife Federation/ClimateEdu Jan 13, 2009
Hydrogen: Just a Lot of Hot Gas?

One beneficial use is as a storage medium for renewable energy.

Popular Mechanics October 2008
Inside Whistler Blackcomb's Peak to Peak Gondola
The world's most daring gondola allows passengers to travel for nearly two miles
between towers, dangling more than a thousand feet above the valley floor.

National Wildlife Federation/ClimateEdu Sept. 30, 2008
Universities Lead the Charge to Mine the Heat Beneath our Feet
The Oregon Institute of Technology hopes to tap one of the most promising, and overlooked,
forms of renewable power: geothermal energy--the free heat that emanates from Earth's molten core.

Popular Mechanics September 2008
High in Andes, World's Next Super Scope Takes Shape
A breathless account of the construction of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array.

Popular Mechanics Aug 28, 2008
Beyond Google's Geothermal Investment
As interest in geothermal energy heats up, 5 next-gen projects take shape.

Popular Mechanics February 2008
How Cheap LEDs Could Efficiently Power Africa and Beyond
Lighting Africa, a $13 million World Bank initiative, has kicked off
a global race to develop the most efficient, affordable, and rugged lights.

Ski Magazine September 2007
Cloud Seeding
An inside look at the weird science of squeezing more snow from the sky in the era of global warming.

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