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  • National Wildlife: America's Tropical Treasures_ U.S. marine national monuments in the Pacific comprise some of the planet’s healthiest ecosystems, yet even in these remote locations, refuge managers struggle to erase the human imprint.
  • National Wildlife: The Dirty Truth Behind Clean Natural Gas _Impacts on wildlife, air, water, people and scenic value of western public lands expose a dark secret about energy development.
  • Defenders Magazine: To Catch an Oystercatcher _Scientists try to get a grip on one of America’s least-abundant and most colorful shorebirds.
  • Humboldt Magazine - Humboldt State University: Tallest Trees Unveiled _As National Geographic magazine features his work in a cover story and documentary, Humboldt State’s skywalking professor launches a groundbreaking study into the effects of climate change on redwoods.
  • Elevation Outdoors: Ride of the Nedhead Dirt Club _Randy barrels into the S-turn at full speed, side lugs biting into gravel as he lays his bike to one side, then the other, and rockets down the trail. The rest of us step on our pedals, digging hard to catch him.
  • National Wildlife/ClimateEdu: Get Smart with a New Grid _Information technologies and advanced hardware would improve the efficiency and reliability of electricity production and delivery, while maximizing renewable energy generation.
  • National Wildlife: Empty Skies _Insect-eating birds that feed on the wing are vanishing from parts of North America, and scientists don't know why.
  • Ski: Off the Grid: Renewable Energy _Resorts invest in wind, solar, and microhydro power.
  • National Wildlife/ClimateEdu: Universities to Use the Heat Beneath our Feet _The Oregon Institute of Technology hopes to tap the free heat from Earth's molten core.
  • Popular Mechanics: High in Andes, World's Next Super Scope Takes Shape _A breathless account of the construction of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array.
  • Newsweek: Get Ready to Itch and Sneeze _A warmer planet could mean we'll suffer more (and stronger) allergies.
  • National Wildlife: Hidden Treasures of the Wild West _Conservationists want to safeguard 26 million acres of little known federal lands ideal for watching wildlife.
  • Ski: New Zealand Time _Where the skiing remains pure, the vistas pristine and the ‘Kiwiana’ culture impossibly friendly.

Paul Tolmé in the News:

Paul is the center of 2008's sexiest plagiarism scandal.

Writing Award for Tolmé

The editors of National Wildlife awarded Paul Tolmé the Trudy Farrand and John Strohm Magazine Writing Award, an honor bestowed annually by The National Wildlife Federation for the best writing in the magazine. Tolmé was presented the award for "It's the Emissions, Stupid," an article that highlighed strategies for combating global warming.

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